Weronika Perłowska (based in Poland)

Photography is just a starting point for me,just one of a number of media I use. More than documenting reality or capturinga deciding moment, I’m interested in using and transforming already existing images– family photos, Internet archives, cultural representations. In my work, I study howvisual content can influence opinions and social attitudes.

2019.11 The Maria Dokowicz Competition for the Best Diploma Project of the University of the Arts Poznan
2019.06 Winner of the Krakow Photomonth 2019 Portfolio Review
2018.09 Nordic Talents of Landskrona Festival’s Portfolio Review

2019.06 Anger detracts from her beauty, Centrala Gallery, Poznań (solo) 
2019.05 ALARUM, Ardesia Project, Berlin 
2018.08 Trigger, Przestrzeń Mir'ów, Warsaw (two person)
2018.06 Lumix Hannover Photofestival
2018.06 Krakow Photo Fringe
2017.03 FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai, India

2019.05. Girls to The Front zine
2018.10 The Hidden Photo 
2018.06 No6 (book)
2018.05 Post Pravda Magazine (interview)
2018.05 Riga Photomonth Festival (projection)
2017.11 STRONY zine - accompaigned by the series of visual art works in Warsaw’s public space 2017.09 Encontros da Imagem, Portugal (projection) 

2017-2019 University of Arts in Poznań, Photography, masters degree
2016-2017 Sputnik Photos Mentorship Programme
2012-2014 University of Waraw, Journalism, majoring in Documentary Studies, masters degree 

Contact: w.perlowska@gmail.com

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